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TriCom Dental Products LLC  

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Dental Suction Loss... A Problem Solved

Dental Suction loss is a huge problem. Many Practitioners are offered various products and service technician visits yet still have these issues. There is a simple solution to this .... TriCom Dental Products tablet system. Using our system provides free and clear lines that are clean. There are other additional benefits:

1. No end of the day line cleaning... our VacuClear tablet is placed in your traps, therefore, it works as you work.

2. No more service technicians as our VacuShock product takes the place of this.

3. Your patients and staff have decreased chances of acquiring infections as the INVIZO-GUARD coats the line and repels bio-film. with your staff less contact less chances of exposure.

4. The cost of our system is kept very reasonable so you save on the bottom line.

Contact us today and we can give you a list of Dealers or visit our Partners Page.

​8/31/2017 Michael Cantor