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TriCom Dental Products LLC  

           Now with INVIZO-GUARD
The hands off tablet, eliminating end of the day chemical rinsing for GOOD! 
Our State of the Art Patent , as well Patent Pending
Simple Detailed Step by Step Directions -Takes Only 15 to 20 MINUTES PER WEEK!

Non -Toxic -Non-Corrosive-Non-Foaming-Eliminates Odors

1. Twice per week, turn off the main va

2. In each treatment-room remove all solids-collector lids, found near or by chair-side. Rinse or replace collector    screens.

3. Drop one VacuClear™ tablet on each collector screen, close all collector lids.

4. Turn on main vacuum pump, tablets will self-activate each and every time the high or low speed lines are used.  

                                                                                 Messy or Bloody procedures 

                                                                                         In-Between Rinse​

                                                  Ask about our latest product! VacuClear Liquid™               
​                                   High, and Low speed lines are protected by our Scientifically proven theory. 
 INVIZO-GUARD! Patent Pending                           
                                                                                Yet if the need to rinse 
, ​
1. Insert the H or L speed line, submerging in solution only 3 to 4 seconds. Remember VacuClear's inner quads have a base formula used in Hospital's around the world for its potent kill claims of germs, such as HIV -HEP-C-B and many other germs.Eliminates in seconds 
VacuClear™ Also eliminate odors not by covering them with fragrances ! 
Drop one tablet in cuspidors, and be amazed how not only it will remove those odors it will also aid in dual collector cuspidor lines. Keeping your complete system fresh clean, and free flowing!