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TriCom Dental Products LLC  

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Michael Cantor Ph.D., President and CEO
​Founder and Developer of TriCom Dental Products.  He leads the company with vision,  an inventor of medically significant products with infection control always in mind.  He is the Patent owner of all developments to date.. including the only time released self-cleaning evacuation tablet . Introducing his patented state of the art shock treatment . Donates generously to Dental Schools providing education, and products.  He offers an annual scholarship to dental students who develop  innovative research in regards to infection control.  To apply for scholarships through TriCom please request through our email the requirements.
​Cory  Mescon  VP 
A valuable team leader who facilitates all  team members both in the USA and Globally.  Manning the TriCom warehouse of tableting construction.  He also works with Physician relations, and ensures a quality experience to all our valued partners and dental professionals.
Become a Vendor of TriCom Dental Products
If you would like to submit to be a vendor of our products please contact us by phone, email, or our contact form.

Introducing some of our talented team members:
Thanks for your interest.

To inquire:
TriCom Dental Products LLC
      Look for our line when Infection control protocols need meet.      TriCom, together in the fight against "Dental line contamination"
Thuy Pham, BSN
Administrative Support & Medcial Science Team Member
​Jessica  M. Fisher S., J.D.
Adminstration, Legal Support, Communications Lead 
Past:  Stanford Medical Board Member,  Member of Hospital Infection Control Team, Medical Policy and Procedure Specialist, Quality Assurance Team
Physicist & Science Herbert Cantor  Ph.D..                         Other Team Members:

Allison Bates B.S., Production Coordinator
Alex Reed new aboard Administrator ​
Michael Allen, Communications​

Rachel Rodriguez and Hailey Cole​

Independant Representatives Coordinators​