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TriCom Dental Products LLC  

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TriCom Dental Products
Please take time to review our available products.  The products we offer are available through several distributors in the USA as well as Internationally.

For more information, please contact us!
Easy to use...

Cost Saving...

Total Maintenance of your   Evacuation System!

Infection Control at it's BEST!
With added Invizo-Guard
                 VacuClear™                       With added INVIZO-GUARD
VacuShock Kit
 NEW  VacuClear Liquid ™ 
VacuClear Liquid :Maximum Strength.
Contains equivalent strength to one jar of VacuClear used as an in-between rinse or as another conventional cleaner  16oz makes 64 quarts of treatments
Practitioners product of choice.
Self-Shocking process done by your techs in less than one hour (Used every 2 to 3 months). Restoring suction to full capacity!               Eliminates odors.Non-Toxic-Non-Corrosive-Non-Foaming.
Removes: Old aged bio-film/cross-contamination, Hard water deposits -Fluoride Deposits-Breaks down the bio-film matrix. Saving your practice the need to call out professional vacuum line service technicians.
Eliminates  vacuum pump strain.  
Backed by a 100% guarantee!  
State of the Art self-cleaning process. 
The only product on today's market that disrupts bio-film growth while maintaining continuous self-cleaning of your evacuation lines, from start to finish. ENDING DAILY VACUUM-LINE RINSING AND FLUSHING FOR GOOD! Used once to twice per week.
Non-Toxic -Non-Foaming-Non-Corrosive 
Eliminates Odors
                         Complete started kit 
Includes 1 Jar VacuShock 6 ct/1 Jar of VacuClear 45 ct
                    Step by Step Instructions