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TriCom Dental Products LLC  

Put our expertise to work for you. At TriCom Dental Products, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to the community.
The evacuation system is an essential component of most dental procedures. When it is functioning properly, life is good for the clinical team and patients. But a decrease in volume causes stress and inefficiency for everyone.  In addition, there are several shock treatments available to remove accumulated deposits not removed by daily cleaning. These products include VacuShock from TriCom Dental Products
I know after working all day long just the thought
of anyone spending additional time working on
the suction lines is no fun at all. With Shock’ta’Clear (VacuShock VacuClear)
& Vack’ta’Clear, at the end of the day you can leave
knowing your system will be running perfectly all day
long with minimal costs and very little effort!
by Joe Steven, Jr., D.D.S. Dr. Joe Stevens passed 5/15/15   He Will Be Missed. A loyal user and distributor over 18 years of our vacuum line products 
Gordon Christensen Report Top Products
​VacuShock and VacuClear both received TOP PRODUCTS of 2014 Dec Issue of the CR Report.  This is a high distinction in the world of dentistry products. TriCom Dental Products are very thankful to all of CR-Foundation's professional dental evaluators.   
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