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VacuShock Kit
Kit contents: 1 jar VacuShock w/added Ivizoo-Guard 6ct 
1 Jar VacuClear w/added Invizo-Guard  45 ct  Step by Steo  Directions 

Liquid VacuClear with INVIZO-GUARD
VacuClear with      INVIZO-GUARD
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We take pride in our selection of quality products. All of our Evacuation-Line products are neutral in Ph, compatible with all vacuum systems, and amalgam separators. Delivered to you through one of our exceptional distributors.

If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, please contact us.
16 oz.Pre-measured tip n pour iquid. Makes 64 treatmients . cleans your Evacuation lines also used  aafter bloody or messy procedures.
VacuShock w/        INVIZO-GUARD
A 6 count jar of tablets to shock  your Evacuation Unit to clean, clear and make your suction 100% restored.
VacuShock Complete Kit
The VacuShock Kit "Complete"
Includes: 16 oz. bottle of VacuClear Liquid. VacuShock W/Invizo-Guard  6 ct    VacuClear W/Invizo-Guard 45 ct
 Total  evacuation package cleaning system 

High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
1 Jar 45ct Self-cleaning time-released disinfecting tablets.
Used once to twice weekly
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Look for our new large Practice jars,
 VacuShock 12 ct
VacuClear 135 ct.