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TriCom Dental Products LLC  

Scientifically Proven Products for Total Maintenance and Cleaning of Your Dental Evacuation System
Welcome to TriCom Dental Products LLC
​Committed to saving your Dental Practice time, and money.  Selected by the Gordon Christensen Group as the 2014 TOP PRODUCTS in dentistry. We specialize in  evacuation line cleaning/disinfecting. 

VacuShock™ and VacuClear™ W/ INVIZO-GUARD Patent Pending#62/433,182  combined with our unique self-cleaning patented process. 
Used by thousands of dental practices worldwide. 

Hands Off , Self-Cleaning Evacuation Line Treatment.  Creator of the only patented state of the art self-cleaning, time-released vacuum-line tablets.  As well, our State of the Art "Shock Treatment Method".  Keeping your suction at 100% peak performance. We put an end  to daily vacuum-line cleaning and flushing for good!  

Contact us at (833)-TRICOM-D
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